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The Bon Scotts are not an AC/DC cover band.

Melbourne ensembles debut release “Oddernity,” is an instrumentally charismatic blend of found sounds, home-made instruments and traditional folk.

The infectious toe-tapping rhythms and unique instrumentation are led by Zimmerman’s cheeky and observant song writing, filled with an often brilliant, if not quirky passion for word play.

The Bon Scotts profound delicacy and playful cynicism certainly ascribes to “what it means to be young and loads of fun” – Neon Hearts.

‘Crackling imagery...youthful, unfiltered charm’ – Mess & Noise

‘The Bon Scotts are sensational ‘- whiteboydancefloor


released September 20, 2010

(c) 2010 Penny Melodies / Popboomerang



all rights reserved


The Bon Scotts Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne septet The Bon Scotts are firmly at the vanguard of the folk revival, absorbing traditional folk method and elegantly bastardising it with stories and unceremonious sounds.

The Bon Scotts are one of Melbourne’s hardest working bands.
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Track Name: The kids are coming
I have come
Via the war
Of neon lights and bankrupted malls
Where the young simulate youth
Singing,'soon we shall we walk on all fours'

All our friends will become enemies in the end
And soon we will have to choose a side
With the sweet smell of doom in our hair
the kids are coming with their asinine flair

In my hand
Felt a lot but the words stuck
Feel my sway
‘When will Paul be back as superman’

All our friends will become enemies in the end
and soon we will have to choose a side
With the sympathy of a dull boys stare
California is coming with its asinine flair

The alien spoke to me like a Scandinavian
Told me that was you singing your heart on the radio
"New money will always remarry to keep up the fantasy"
They own the radio
I kept accountants with accounts
And receipts for everything so now we know
Track Name: We Like War
In sneakers and jeans we’re dressed for combat
California has poets as well as producers and pricks
In syrupy morning sips the fanatic wash up
Oh, whatever you said you still look like Edie Sedgwick

Let the telco spread its copper wings
We’ll electrify, fa la la la la lie
On Mondays I take the bins out with mine
Oh, fa la la la la la I’m still too young to die

I adore the U in colour
Shops the maudlin mother
I never lived before Seattle
But looking good is half the battle

The bored star strives and thrives
Strikes and then retires
She’s pretty and repetitive
Knows how appropriate appropriation is

Withdraws and reforms
Creates another media storm
Says the environment is warming
Celebrities are starving

My attention doesn’t span
From my thumb to my wrist
Ban funding to the arts
No more funding to the arts

I never imagined she was a sensitive wee girl
And I’ll send her my love
I’ll send her my love

And fa la la…

You want my daughter
You can’t afford her
Your as crooked as British teeth
And the American Rich

She needs someone
Who can bring home the soy bacon
Can you do that
On the money that your making

And I like war if it’s a good one
It’s best to fall in love with no one
You’ll be kicking teeth with belief before long
Back to where you started but you won’t belong

You think there is kindness in the world you are wrong
You think you can make it if you try and you won’t fall
We’ll we like war when war is beautiful
Yeah, we like war when wars beautiful
Track Name: Girl With the Oversized Ear
It was about this time last year
Fell for the girl with the oversized ear
She said, with you I feel so lovely
So suburban
So complementary
So old and ordinary

It was about the time you said goodbye
I felt the swelling of a tear within my eye
I said "Only a fool would leave me lonely"
So tired and hungry
So old and ordinary

I’d said I want to make love to you
But you think it sounds so American
And everything American sounds cheap.
I don’t want to sound cheap

But we still sing to Dylan
And we still sing to Dalton
We still sing to Sam Beam
And we still sing to Springsteen

Let’s never mention
All those things that were never meant to happen

I miss the sound of my name
Whispered in passion
All the names only you have for a lover
You say sing Dylan
While you slave but I just get bored
Guess I shouldn’t expect anymore
Track Name: We Can Cause Such a Fuss
She feels eclectic
Days living is music
But the songs of our youth will all be jingles in time

I got the good sense
To kiss freedom
But we have caused such a fuss
How very un-Scandinavian of us

I have tried almost every rock in this town
And you are by far the prettiest going round
Things get sacrificed like conclusions and compromise We talk such nonsense
But not by choice

All my friends are animals in lust and seer
But I did see the world
It is spinning for us

I am bathing with the creatures
Of the inner city beaches
A complicated petty set of incoherent procedures

Things get messy
Like voting in democracy
We talk of choice but it is nonsense

They played our song on television commercial
I felt indescribable
Almost beautiful

With the corporate cola colours
On the corner store where
The motherless child screams

The pictures of the wars
While the presidents stall
And the fine minded politicians scream

The church folk
Joke on Sunday parade
For their fatherless worlds in ruins
Track Name: Hells Bells and Chattels
Hells bells and chattels
I’m going to kill that morning bird
Its one to many songs shes sung
But I won’t tell you when the work is done

And my little love

I’m a little out of work
The old in and out
Scream until we’re in again

Wait for the pretty words
For I am just a lonely boy

And lie low my love
Wake up and then well go

Lets get wet and forget
Down where the water flows
One too many feuds we won
But never is the good work done

And my little love

You are a little flirt
The old in and out
Scream for your attention

And I will bath in you
On the sunny afternoon

And this is where billy drowned in the atmosphere
But I will never let you go
For me and you
We always gonna be a little blue

We always gonna be a little blue
Track Name: Nasty Nasty Weather
Our nature is a pretty anathema
Oh, we are in for nasty nasty weather
Just a silly thing to fickle over
Oh dear, Oh dear how near
The nasty nasty weather is here

This here is god’s old country
Dry as the hell of poverty
Just a funny thing to be so fussy
Oh dear, Oh dear how near
The nasty nasty weather is here

I want to the sky fall in
And bring
All the silver bottomed jets
Tumbling to the dry dead earth

I want these oceans to crash
And wash
All our neon lit cities
Beneath the cover
Of the oil spilled sodden

Don’t feel down trodden
you’ll soon be forgotten
You’ll just disappear quietly
Into the finality of goodbye

Technology and business suits
Ain’t going to save us baby
Your precious little white coats
Ain’t going to save us baby
Your green clean spinning machine
Ain’t going to save us baby
It is just the glitter of public swagger
And politician poetry

Old songs are the best songs
Track Name: I Will Call You Home Again
In apologies our words will fray
When we had found the one thing we share
Sometimes I know I will never change
And sometimes that just seems okay

Had quite the crush on a beautiful friend of mine
I see her again, at least once in a while
But you’ve become more than a good friend
And good people ruin everything
Track Name: Sad Sad Songs
There is a time and then there is a place
And a town filled with crazy god lovers

While the quiet rest in this quietness
The unjust paint souvenirs from the battlefields

Changing hands is the money of retired
Acute like all good pushers and shovers

For the meek and the alas alone
There is a kindness in everything unknown
There is a wreck resting on every ocean floor
And a winner in all of these long wars

Just as every sad boy
Loves the sound of skin
Breaking up and splitting
Dear fathers we should hide our razors

Don’t sing sad sad songs
If you are not such a sad sad fellow
Don’t go breaking all the rules
iI you are weak or yellow
Don’t go kissing all the girls
If you don’t want to make them proud
Don’t go messing up your life
With the dreams you had as a lad
Don’t go laughing at funerals
They are a time set aside for those to mourn
Don’t make fun of the frail and hungry
It is not their fault they are born
Don’t drive home if you have had too much to drink
This is a time to say what is on your mind
Don’t regret the experiences you have had
They have molded you over time
Don’t throw plates and glasses or insults
As our illusions will easily shatter
Don’t cry wolf too many times
people will not care when it really matters
DPon’t get angry at the little things
Remain lethargic and you will get through
Don’t have children they only get depressed
And hate everything you do.
Track Name: Lovesong for a Riot
I wrote a love song, for a riot
We're going to pick you out
Going to start a fight

I miss you like a fright
Like I might just
Try and let you down

I sang a love song for a fight
I'm going to pick you out
Of common sense with little lies

And when my skins inside
I’ll confide “my love will only let you down"
Out and into the cold

This is some kind of friend for the end
For the end of this silly punter world

lets make love and war, tonight
Yeah I’m Going to get you back
Going to start a fight

I miss you like a fright
I am going to make you come alive
In this dark end of the world

Certain to confess love
Where the cold liver rips to bleed
Let em all be lonely

There is chaos in the market place
Lets lasso the son and lets whimper again
Track Name: The Warm Hum of Catastrophe
Sadness always finds me
In the cold hum of catastrophe
You can see in everything that little bit of longing

In thought I passed of as a memory
There is a sombre refrain of a melody
That you are kindly wanting for you and no one else

And in that warmth of modesty
Is a folly that seems to find me
With tiny hints of a promise,
That you would not want to miss

In thought I passed of as a memory
There is a sombre refrain of a melody
That you are kindly wanting for you and no one else

To have you here to curl your hair
To bend your hips
In the way
that makes me want to stop everything else

To have you here with lovers stare
To curl your lips
In the way
that makes me want to stop everything else

Then to have my face against the back
Of your thin haired
And tired neck
As you sleep and sweat silently beside me

Breathing in and out and in and out
and in and out
In and out
Till I am asleep amid you.

You can’t just call this oddernity
Then move on so casually
Move on from me so faultlessly
So tepid and tremendously

After all this is oddernity
And I acted so thoughtlessly
But nothing is beyond me
I’m often so designed and dreary

But this is the oddernity
We have planned so carefully
We have planned so immaculately
Without cracks and sympathy

Many times you said quietly
I know you'll find your way back to me

I'll find my way back to you